1. Allow student to use built-up pencils of felt tip pen for schoolwork.

2. Allow student to dictate homework to parents to write or type assignment for student. (parents will identify on top of page when assignment was dictated)

3. Allow student to use AlphaSmart or laptop in class for in-class assignments.

4. Allow student to stay inside during lunch/recess if needed.

5. When student is absent the homeroom teacher will collect homework and contact parent for pick up or deliver to front office.

6. Student will be allowed to take make-up tests in a quiet location.

7. Student will receive copy of notes from teacher when needed.

8. Parent will send note to teacher when student was unable to finish homework due to not feeling well.  In these cases student will receive extra time to complete homework.

9. Student will be able to modify activity level in gym class as needed.

10. Student will be allowed to excuse herself to the restroom or nurses station whenever needed.  Student will be given a nurses pass that she can keep with her at all times.

11. Student will be provided with a space near nurse’s station that will be not used for "sick children." Student may use this space to rest, apply heat pack, ice pack etc. and return to classroom when able or call parents if unable to remain at school.

12. Allow student to sit in a chair (rather than on floor) or to stretch whenever needed.

13. Allow student to keep a water bottle at desk throughout the day.

14. Allow student to come into homeroom when dropped off early in the morning to school.

15. Provide seating arrangement that allows student the greatest amount of legroom in order to be able to stretch during class time.

16. Provide student with footstool if feet are unable to reach the floor.

17. Provide student with additional set of textbooks to keep at home.

18. Provide student with additional time to move between classes.  Provide student with a locker that is easily accessible.