Q: Pain and fatigue often sap my desire to look my best. What easy fashion pick-me-ups do you suggest?

A: When I’m feeling my worst and I'm too sore to properly prep, I reach for my face-framing accessories. Think how a picture is transformed by adding a color mat and nice frame. Sunglasses are my all-time favorite accessory. (Keep them simple and classic; no gems or metal ornaments.) But I love these, too...

Fun hats. Are your fingers, arms or shoulders too swollen and painful to apply makeup and style your hair? Hats (and sunglasses) to the rescue! Avoid a Kentucky Derby look, and stick with practical hats that are soft, comfortable and fun. Turn front or back brim up.

Festive earrings. Think large, colorful and whimsical. Break out of your routine and have fun. Let them swing as you walk. It’s surprising how they can transform a tough day.

Bold necklaces. Pick yourself up with big, bold, layered necklaces. The secret is to keep them close to your face, where they act as a collar.

Just be sure to avoid wearing large earrings and bold necklaces at the same time.

Christine Schwab is a longtime fashion reporter and author of Take Me Home from the Oscars: Arthritis, Television, Fashion, and Me (Skyhorse Publishing Inc., 2011), in which she chronicles her years battling rheumatoid arthritis in Hollywood.

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